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FAQ Owners

FAQ Owners

What is the fee I need to pay as an owner if I want to sell my weeks(s)?

Publishing your week(s) on our website is for free. We only charge a commission if we are able to find a client for you. Our fee is the lowest in the market! Please get in contact with us when you want to hear more. 

How can I follow the weeks you put online?

As an owner, we will inform you when we find a client for your week.

Do I need to sign a contract?

We will list your week(s) free of charge without any contract. We will check your reservation(s) with Marriott and when everything is ok we will post your week(s) online.  We expect you to hold your week(s) available to us as long as we are searching for a client. If there is a change of plan regarding your week(s) please inform us immediately. In case we are selling your week(s) we will offer you our resale agreement to sign after we have found a purchaser for your week(s).

What price should I ask for?

We are here to get the highest results for you. You can compare prices on our website on the rentals and resale’s pages. You as an owner decide what the price will be!

If you need advice, just ask us. We have more than 10 years experience with pricing and will be happy to assist you.

What weeks should I book to receive the highest rental return?

Good question. Depending on the resort we can advise you on what week(s) to book. Please send us an email and we will inform you which weeks have the highest demand.