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Rental questions

Why are your prices so low compared to

Because we get our weeks direct from private owners and we calculate minimal commissions we are able to rent the accommodations at a much lower rate than Marriott. All our clients benefit from this. The prices on our website are the lowest we are able to offer.

Are the facilities the same as when I book direct with

Yes! You will have exactly the same luxurious resort experience as if you book with You will receive a Marriott confirmation with your name on it. With this, you will have an easy and smooth access to the resort.

Included in our prices is a daily housekeeping service (in Europe and Thailand), free Wi-Fi and of course full access to all the facilities of the luxurious 5-star resort of your choice. 

Can I cancel my booking? offers prices 30-50% cheaper than if you would book directly with Marriott. is not a full package travel organisation, but an online platform that operates as your partner through whom you rent the apartment directly from the owner for a specific week. If the week goes unused, the owner loses the use of that week for that year. This is why it is not possible to reschedule or cancel your reservation.

Our cancellation policy therefore means that all payments are non-refundable even if you cannot travel or wish to cancel due to illness. Only if you have paid 100% and we are told up to 2 months before the arrival date that you cannot travel, we will try to rent your week to another guest. If successful, we will refund you 50% of the amount paid by the new guest.

We recommend that you buy appropriate travel insurance including a cancellation clause for this holiday. 

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

Can I book more than 1 week?

Yes, you can. If you book 2 weeks or more Marriott will automatically link these reservations. If you want to book 3 weeks or more please contact us by email. It is also possible to book more than one week but less than 2 weeks (10 nights for instance). In that case, you can book the extra nights directly with Marriott. These additional nights will be more expensive than the average nightly rate of the owner week booked.

How do you guarantee my booking?

After your initial payment, we will transfer the reservation to your name. A 50% deposit is required to secure your reservation. For reservations made less than 4 months before the arrival date, 100% payment is required. We will send you the Marriott confirmation within a few days of receiving the deposit. The Marriott confirmation will be in your name and your name will also appear in the Marriott reservation system. This ensures easy and smooth access to the resort.