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When do I receive the certificate of ownership?

The purchase of these weeks will be registered by Marriott Vacation Club International (MVCI). MVCI will send you a certificate as a proof of ownership once the transaction is completed. As part of this completion,  MVCI has to approve the transaction and has to waive its right of first refusal. MVCI will issue a Holiday Ownership Transfer Agreement (HOTA) that will have to be signed by both purchaser and seller. After the transaction has been completed you will be able to book your weeks with MVCI: 12 months before the date of check-in if you book 1 week. If you book multiple weeks consecutively the time slot is 13 months in advance.

When do I need to pay a maintenance fee?

The maintenance fee for this year has been paid this January by the current owner. The yearly maintenance fee will be invoiced by Marriott before the end of each year.

Are all the maintenance fees paid by the seller?

We guarantee that all maintenance fees are paid and the ownership is transferred free of debt.