Here you will find our resale offers of Marriott Ownership Weeks.

You buy from private owners, reliable and fair. Buying a  Marriott week with us gives you the right to stay at the Marriott resort of your choice for one week per year. Enjoy all the luxurious benefits of a five-star resort. We are a full-service organization that takes care of every step needed to safely transport the Marriott ownership in your name. We take care of contracts, secure payment and handle all communication with Marriott.


  • Save up to 70%
  • No marketing & presentation costs
  • Full service on
  • Trusted partner for 10 years
  • No membership needed

The purchasing of your Marriott week will be registered by Marriott Vacation Club International (MVCI). MVCI will send you a certificate as a proof of ownership once the purchase transaction is completed.

Select the resort of your choice:



If the resort of your choice is not listed please send us an e-mail. We might have offers in the resort of your choice as well.