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A visit to Spain is not complete without spending time in one of their best islands to enjoy the first-class treatment that they offer to their tourists. The views of the Mediterranean Sea make these islands a must visit. With its clean azure waters, you will definitely want a piece of this magnificent sea. What a better way than staying in a resort that is only 15 minutes drive from the waterfront? Below is our recommendation for those visiting for the first time and anyone else who has no idea where to look for accommodation. 

Son Antem Mallorca 

If you are visiting the Balearic Islands for the first time, let us show you the best place to stay. The Son Antem Mallorca resort is your best option. Anyone looking for the perfect holiday destination should stay in this place. The Marriot’s Club Son Antem is dotted with beautiful oleander flowers, palm trees, magnificent swimming pools and a one of a kind spa. If you love teeing off, try Marriott golf.

The Splendor of Mallorca 

Marriott Club Son Antem is full of incredible facilities that will ensure you do not have to leave the resort unless you want to. If you love history, you will be delighted to know that there are many museums in Mallorca where you can learn the history of the islands. After a long day, go shopping or experience the fun that their many harbours have to offer. 

Lay in the sun or swim in any of the many beaches dotting the area. If you get hungry, their delicious local cuisines will definitely do the trick. You can also go for wine tasting in their cosy restaurants. For a night out, you can either choose to go to a casino or their nightclubs, which offer a great nightlife. 

Marriott Mallorca club brings together a combination of the countryside with many plants and beautiful flowers. They have beautifully furnished 2 and 3 bedroom villas that have big dining and living rooms. These villas are big enough to accommodate a group of people or an entire family with each of them having a beautiful private garden and a fixed barbecue. The experience of staying at this resort will make you feel like you are just at home with all the comfort you need. 

The villas are styled in a Mallorcan architectural design surrounded with brightly coloured gardens and beautiful fairways. Expect the experience of a 5-star service as you get to enjoy all the facilities at your disposal. 

The High-Quality Service of Marriot Mallorca Resorts 

There are many Mallorca resorts, but the Marriot Vacation Club tops the list. Unlike other clubs where membership is necessary to enjoy the services available, this one does not discriminate. You can enjoy your holiday here like any other person and still get the 5-star service that the club resort offers to their residents. 

Each day, we help people book for accommodation in these resorts. Due to their great services and luxury facilities, tourists are always flocking there for a taste of the Mallorca’s experience. Rent a Villa in Marriott's Club Son Antem with us today and get a holiday of your dreams.



7 nights
2 people

Marriott's Club Son Antem, 3-Bedroom

Palma de Mallorca, Llucmajor
7 nights
2 people

Marriott's Club Son Antem, 2-Bedroom

Palma de Mallorca, Palma